Andhra Pradesh

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    Welcome to Andhra Pradesh, a destination with a variety of attractions including beaches, hills, wildlife, forests and temples. The state has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its rich history, architecture and culture. Andhra Pradesh is the top tourist destination in India and is promoted by its tourism department as the “Koh-i-Noor of India”. Andra Pradesh is one of the 28 states of India, situated on the south-eastern coast of India. It is India's fourth largest state by area and fifth largest by population. Its capital and largest city by population is Hyderabad. The State has the second-longest coastline of 972 km (604 mi) among all the States in India. The primary official language of Andhra Pradesh is Telugu and Urdu is the secondary official language in some places, while other languages spoken in Andhra Pradesh are Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, and Oriya.

    Andhra Pradesh is the home of many religious pilgrim centres. Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati, the abode of Hindu god Venkateswara, is most visited religious center of any faith in the world. Srisailam, nestled in the Nallamala Hills is one of twelve Jyothirlingas in India. Amaravati's Shiva temple is one of the Pancharamams. The Ramappa temple and Thousand Pillars temple in Warangal are famous for their temple carvings. The state has numerous Buddhist centresat at Amaravati, Nagarjuna Konda, Bhattiprolu, Ghantasala, etc.

    The golden beaches at Visakhapatnam, the one-million-year-old limestone caves at Borra, picturesque Araku Valley, Horsley Hills, and river Godavari racing through a narrow gorge at Papi Kondalu, waterfalls at Ettipotala, Kuntala and rich bio-diversity at Talakona are some of the natural attractions of the state. The Borra Caves are located in the Anatagiri Hills of the Eastern Ghats, near Vishakapatnam. The Papi Hills are located in Khammam district; near Bhadrachalam .The Belum Caves in Kurnool District have a length of 3,229 metres, making them the second largest natural caves on the Indian subcontinent. Nirmal is famous for its handicrafts and paintings. Kuntala waterfall, at 45 metres (148 ft), is the biggest in the state. Ramoji Film City, Charminar, Golconda Fort, Chandragiri Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, and Falaknuma Palace are some of the monuments in the state. Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada in Krishna district, Venkateswara Temple in Dwaraka Tirumala, West Godavari District, Surya temple in Arasavelli in Srikakulam District, Puttaparthi, and Warangal etc are also places to see in Andhra Pradesh.

    Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City, Visakhapatnam, Warangal, Tirupati, Puttaparthi, Vijayawada, Nellore, Kadappa, Rajahmundry etc are the top destination in Andra Pradesh

    Top Destinations

    • Hyderabad

      Hyderabad is the capital and largest city of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh .It was ruled by the Qutub Shahis, Mughals and the Nizams which shaped up its history. Known as The

    • Tirupati

      Tirupati is a major pilgrimage city in the vicinity of the Tirupati Temple of Lord Venkateshwara also called as Balaji, Govinda & Srinivasa located in the Chittoor district and seventh biggest city

    • Visakhapatnam

      The Jewels of the East Coast, Visakhapatnam popularly known as Vizag is the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Beautiful Blue Ocean, sparkling beaches, Green picturesque hills wil

    • Warangal

      Warangal is also known as Orugallu and Ekasila Nagaram is the fifth-largest city in Andhra Pradesh was the capital of a Hindu Shaivaite kingdom ruled by the Kakatiya dynasty from the

    • Vijayawada

      Vijayawada formerly Bezawada is the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh .Located on the banks of the Krishna River and bounded by the Indrakiladri Hills on the West and the Budameru River on

    • Puttaparthi

      Puttaparthi is a town situated in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It was also the residence of the notable spiritual teacher Sathya Sai Baba. The town's main attraction is Baba's