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Cancellation & Refund Policy


Our Cancellation & Refund Policy is designed to address various scenarios related to tour or package bookings. Please note that the services we provide are reserved well in advance, often several months prior to departure. The cancellation of these pre-booked services is subject to certain conditions, resulting in varying refund amounts based on the timing of the cancellation in relation to our supplier’s terms. In addition to our policy, if your tour includes third-party products or services such as airlines, cruises, railways, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing companies, etc., their respective Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies will also apply.

19.2 This Cancellation Policy applies to all guests of ‘Indus Hospitality Services’ who have booked Customized Holidays, Domestic or International, or any independent services from Indus Traveller.

19.3 To request the cancellation of any service or tour, please provide a written request with a clear explanation for the cancellation via email to Indus Traveller at, using your registered email ID.

19.4 Once a booking is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. Any attempt to reverse or re-book will be treated as a new booking and may incur additional charges.

19.5 By engaging with our services, all guests expressly agree to abide by this policy and its terms.

19.6 Cancellation Scenarios:

  • Guest-initiated Cancellation Due to Personal Reasons:

After booking, if a guest has personal reasons such as denied leave, exam rescheduling, illness, family emergencies, etc., leading to the cancellation of their tour/package, the date of the cancellation request email will be considered the cancellation date, and charges will apply accordingly.

  • Indus Traveller-initiated Tour Postponement/Rescheduling Due to Force Majeure or Uncontrollable Factors:

Indus Traveller reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule tours under force majeure situations (e.g., natural calamities, epidemics, pandemics, terrorist activities, political unrest, curfews, local riots, government orders) or uncontrollable factors (e.g., airline operation/schedule changes, disruptions due to political/sports/VIP events) for the safety of guests.

In such cases, no refunds, whether partial or full, will be provided. Guests will be offered the option to select a future tour date. If the future tour has a price difference, guests must pay the additional amount before departure.

Indus Traveller will coordinate with relevant associates (airlines, hotels, transporters, etc.) to reschedule services. If associates are unable to accommodate the request, standard cancellation charges may apply.

Changing the destination depends on the cooperation of associates, and any decision will take time. If the selected tour is more expensive, guests must cover the difference, and any excess amount will be retained as credit with Indus Traveller, with no refund provided.

  • Guest-initiated Cancellation Due to Non-Acceptance of Itinerary/Service Changes:

If Indus Traveller makes changes to the itinerary or services due to unforeseen circumstances for the tour’s improvement, guests may be required to accept these changes.

Additional charges for added sightseeing or services must be borne by the guest.

If a guest refuses to accept the changes, they may cancel the tour, and standard cancellation charges will apply.

  • Deemed Cancellation – Visa Rejection/Delay:

Visa rejection or delay automatically cancels the booking without formal notification.

The visa rejection date will be considered the cancellation date, and charges will apply accordingly.

Guests may reapply for a visa at their expense, but approval is at the discretion of the respective consulates, and Indus Traveller is not responsible.

If a visa is rejected a second time, charges will be based on the second rejection date.

Lack of communication about visa status before tour departure is considered a deemed cancellation with applicable charges.

In group bookings, if one individual’s visa is rejected or delayed, cancellation charges apply to the entire group.

Guests are responsible for verifying visa details, as incorrect information may result in immigration issues with no refund or recourse.

In certain cases where air tickets/visas are processed over 91 days in advance, additional charges for air/visa fees may apply.

  • Deemed Cancellation – Non-Payment of Tour Price:

Guests must pay the full tour price at the time of booking, 60 days, or 45 days before departure, as applicable. Failure to do so may result in cancellation without written notification, with forfeiture of the paid amount.

The cancellation date will be Indus Traveller’s notice date, with standard cancellation charges applicable.

  • Deemed Cancellation – ‘No Show’ on Day 1:

Failure to join the tour on day one constitutes a ‘No Show’ and is deemed cancellation with no refund.

All services are cancelled, and 100% cancellation charges apply unless the guest later notifies Indus Traveller about joining the tour at their own expense.

  • Deemed Cancellation – Discontinuation from Ongoing Tour:

If a guest discontinues or terminates the tour for personal reasons, it is considered deemed cancellation with no refund.

Indus Traveller can assist the guest in booking the required services, but all expenses are the guest’s responsibility.

  1. Cancellation Charges (Applicable to Net Tour Price per person):
Cancellation received number of days prior to Tour Departure Cancellation Fee applicable on Net Tour Price (per person)
India Excluding Andaman Andaman Bhutan Nepal  Asia Excluding India, Nepal, Bhutan & Japan, China, Korea & Taiwan Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan International Tours with cruises including Antarctica
More than 121 days 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
D-91 to 120 15% 15% 15% 15% 15%
D-61 to 90 20% 20% 20% 20% 30%
D-46 to 60 30% 30% 30% 30% 55%
D-31 to 45 40% 50% 40% 50% 65%
D-16 to 30 50% 75% 50% 75% 75%
D-6 to 15 75% 85% 75% 85% 85%
D-5 & On Tour 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%


  1. These cancellation charges include various direct and indirect expenses associated with tour preparation and operation.
  2. Indus Traveller is not obligated to provide a breakdown of tour prices or cancellation charges.
  3. Any eligible refund under this policy will be processed within 10 working days after receiving the final cancellation confirmation from the guest.

19.7 Cancellation of the Tour by Indus Traveller:

  1. Indus Traveller retains the authority to cancel any group tour/package due to operational reasons or insufficient guest participation required for tour operation. In such instances, notice of tour cancellation will be conveyed to the guest via their registered email/telephone/SMS.
  2. The guest’s payment shall be reimbursed within 10 working days following tour cancellation.
  3. Refunds will be disbursed via A/C payee cheque/NEFT/RTGS.
  4. Indus Traveller shall not be obligated to pay interest on the guest’s tour payment.
  5. Indus Traveller assumes no responsibility for any supplementary expenses related to independently arranged guest arrangements.
  6. Guests interested in an alternative tour can do so in consultation with their respective Travel Advisor. Any excess or shortfall in payment for the new tour will be refunded or collected from the guest as necessary.

19.8 Admission and Termination Rights:

  1. Indus Traveller reserves the right to reject any booking or cancel a confirmed booking without disclosing a reason or providing justification.
  2. Indus Traveller reserves the right to terminate a guest’s tour if the guest fails to adhere to etiquette, engages in misconduct, or disrupts the driver, local citizens, officials, etc. In such cases, the guest must arrange for their return travel independently, and no refund from Indus Traveller is applicable.

19.9 Tour Transfer:

  1. Should guests wish to transfer their original tour to a new tour for any reason, this transfer is treated as a cancellation of the original tour. A fresh booking for the new tour must be made, with cancellation charges applied to the net tour price of the original tour. The prevailing tour price and discounts will apply to the new tour.
  2. Transfer requests must be submitted in writing to the executive and will be accepted based on availability.



  1. The quantum of refund payable to the guest in the event of tour cancellation, transfer, or amendment shall be determined by Indus Traveller. Refunds are calculated based on factors such as the cancellation date, reduction in tour capacity, contractual agreements, and the cancellation policies of associates, including airlines, hoteliers, transporters, etc. Indus Traveller’s decision on the refund amount, in accordance with the Cancellation Policy, is final and will be directly disbursed to the guest.
  2. In accordance with Government of India regulations, refunds from Indus Traveller for both Indian and international tours will be made exclusively in Indian rupees via A/C payee cheque/NEFT/RTGS, irrespective of the guest’s partial or full payment in foreign currency.
  3. Refunds are processed in the name of the family head as indicated on the booking form, or in the case of ad-hoc/corporate groups, in the name of the institution/company that made the payment on behalf of the group.
  4. Indus Traveller is not liable to provide interest on the tour amount paid by the guest/s.
  5. Convenience Charges for payments made via Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Transfer, etc., are non-refundable.
  6. Tax Collected at Source (TCS) for international tours is non-refundable, as it is remitted to the income tax department and recorded on the guest’s registered PAN. Once paid, TCS cannot be reversed but can be claimed by the guest when filing annual Income Tax Returns.
  7. In the event of force majeure or uncontrollable situations, Indus Traveller reserves the right to impose non-refundable ‘tour transfer charges’ or ‘service charges’ for standalone services.
  8. For FIT/Customized packages, the Holiday Design Fee charged at the time of inquiry is non-refundable if guests do not book the holiday with Indus Traveller.
  9. When the tour price includes visa fees and the consulate/VFS/embassy procedure requires the guest to pay the visa fee directly, a reduction in visa fees will be provided at the time of booking or refunded within 7 working days upon submission of the visa payment receipt by the guest.
  10. If the tour price includes visa fees, and the guest possesses a valid visa for the tour, they must submit the visa copy at the time of booking to avail the visa fee reduction. In unforeseen circumstances requiring tour rescheduling, the guest must obtain a new visa according to the new schedule and bear the associated costs.