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Traveling to Mauritius: Why is it so special?
The land of the fabled Dodo, the land for which Mark Twain even went on to say that “Mauritius was created first and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Mauritius is every bit the country that it is narrated to be and it does not disappoint anyone who hopes to gaze a paradise. The Island nation is situated in the Indian Ocean and is situated near the island of Madagascar. The Island nation has its major source of income as a tourist country and thus the environm...
Things to know before you Travel to Kerala
Kerala also known as "God's Own Country" welcomes you heartily. The state is cradled in nature with a long shoreline. The pristine white beaches of Kerala are the jewel adorning its entire natural beauty. The state has a backbone of the legendary Western Ghats and has the face of 580 km long shoreline. By the teaser it feels like places like Thailand or Indonesia are being talked about, but fortunately for every Indian who is not that accust...