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Traveling to Mauritius: Why is it so special?

Traveling to Mauritius: Why is it so special?

The land of the fabled Dodo, the land for which Mark Twain even went on to say that “Mauritius was created first and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Mauritius is every bit the country that it is narrated to be and it does not disappoint anyone who hopes to gaze a paradise. The Island nation is situated in the Indian Ocean and is situated near the island of Madagascar. The Island nation has its major source of income as a tourist country and thus the environment in the country is very tourist-friendly. One should never think twice if you have any options from Mauritius tour packages.

Why traveling to mauritius is best, Mauritius tour packages

The country due to its white and golden beaches and the location is referred to as the pearl of the Indian ocean. There are long beaches and small unexplored ones as well. The island nation is an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination and has also been awarded so by various authorities. The tourism is also very much supported by the couples and most of the tour packages available are couples or Mauritius honeymoon packages. The nation has a lot to offer in marine life and is quite famous for scuba diving and other adventure and water sports. The country has lush green topography with enormous variations. The land is a home for many endangered species of marine and wildlife. It is said that one can never get bored in Mauritius. Mauritius has the following to offer:

Scuba Diving- The island nation is known for its scuba diving and clear waters. There are about 50 locations for scuba diving in Mauritius and any one of those is worth spending money on. The rich marine life and well-kept clear waters have supported the industry symbiotically and made this a worthwhile experience for the tourists. Scuba diving is so good in Mauritius that the country can be claimed to be scuba diving capital of the world.

Beaches and Climate- Mauritius has about hundreds of beaches and they have pristine white sands or golden sand depending upon the region, the beach is in. The large coastline and number beaches ensure that none of them is crowded and tourists can have a pleasant time without feeling suffocated in a crowd. The climate of Mauritius is very ideal for tourism, as it offers a tropical climate but with a moderate climate. The extremities of temperature are 32°C and 16°C. The beaches lined with trees like dates, coconut and Casuarina which makes them all the more picturesque.

Wedding Destination  – In recent times, Mauritius has grown as a wedding destination along with being the honeymoon destination. Best time to visit Mauritius with context to climate is in the month of September and October and this is the time when there are a lot of weddings that are held on this island nation and the islands welcome the couples saying “I do” with open arms and the world-class resorts and hotels on the islands support this crowd with their hospitality.

Multicultural Harmony-The Island nation is multicultural with most of the population being Hindu, but there are also Muslims, Christians, Chinese and other religious groups to be found in the nation. The society has a lot of French influence despite being a country with many religions. It serves as an excellent example of multicultural harmony. Creole is the nation’s language which is French-based with a mix of words from English and African languages. It is very common to have religious monuments of different theology on the same street and people of all ethnicities live in harmony.

Natural beauty-The island is blessed in every sense but naturally, it is heaven in every context. The islands have all, be it waterfalls, mountain ranges, forests, and goes without saying excellent beaches.

The seven-coloured earth of Chamarel is another example of weird yet beautiful natural things that you can come across in Mauritius. The phenomenon is caused by the tropical climate which causes the seven colours of the soil to distinguished and this attracts the tourists in heavy numbers.

Life underwater- The islands boast of a lot of marine life. There are 4000 different species of fish that are found in the waters off the coast as well as the water bodies inland. There are many training centres that can be found for diving and deep-water scuba. Underwater excursions very common and encouraged throughout the island nation.

Fishing is a very prestigious and common activity that is practised throughout the nation and every year there is a big tournament of fishing held which gathers tourists and fishing enthusiast from throughout the world.

Swim with Whales- Here you can have a unique experience of riding a dolphin or swimming with whales which is difficult to find anywhere else. The activities of this sort are usually found on the Tamarin Bay. The west coast of Mauritius is very relaxing and laid back with activities like these in prominence.

Cost of Tourism- The cost of tourism in Mauritius is quite low and the standard of living is good. The resorts here are available at competitive prices and expenses are lower as compared to Europe and America.

The nation is open to all thoughts and people from all walks of life. The country is the most stable one in the African countries and the economy is getting refined with every tourist in town and the hospitality just gets more effective and efficient.

Grand Bassin- It is the biggest pilgrimage that the followers of Hinduism have outside the auspicious land of India. The pilgrims take a dip in the Grand Bassin. Its waters are said to be sourced from the river Ganges and that is why the lake is also known as Ganga Talao. The lake on the northern side also contains a 108m statue of Lord Shiva. It is the second-largest statue in the world.

French Architecture- Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius is quite the spectacle of the French architecture from the colonial times. It has the best resorts and restaurant. The buildings are the remainder of the French colonial times. The location has been used in many movies.

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