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Things to know before you Travel to Kerala

Things to know before you Travel to Kerala

Kerala also known as “God’s Own Country” welcomes you heartily. The state is cradled in nature with a long shoreline. The pristine white beaches of Kerala are the jewel adorning its entire natural beauty. The state has a backbone of the legendary Western Ghats and has the face of 580 km long shoreline. By the teaser it feels like places like Thailand or Indonesia are being talked about, but fortunately for every Indian who is not that accustomed to the southern part of India, the state of Kerala is extremely breathtaking in its beauty. A Kerala tour package from the experienced Tour Operator is the best thing that you can buy throughout the year.

The morning sun illuminates the pure white sands of the Konkan coast, and the tour of the beauty of Kerala beauty starts. The state has nearly every shade of green to show to all the tourists who can’t resist the call of this beautiful land every year. The excellent topography offered by the land is its unique selling point. The sheer contrast of magnificent blue of the Arabian sea with the godly green of the Western Ghats makes this land even more alluring and aesthetic. It seems as if the waves of the sea are being received and cradled by this land which even god claimed to be his home.

We are yet to start on the tea plantations, which are the second most attractive part of Kerala. The land has a lot of tea plantation plotted throughout. It seems like as if god felt like an impression artist when he designed the land and as if he designed it for himself only. The spice plantations that the state has to offer are the evidence of the rich variety that the Indian land can produce. The land welcomes all to its magical valleys with tourism packages like Kerala tour packages for family and Kerala tour packages for couples. The high-quality flavours and colours that the Indian land has and has always had which brought foreign invaders and traders to our land can be found still in its original form in the state of Kerala.

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The state of Kerala has something for everyone. It has a rich history and that history has been preserved by the residents with love and care. The state has to offer forts like:

Palakkad Fort – The fort was built by Hyder Ali, for his Tiger of Mysore “Tipu Sultan”. The fort is the living proof that brings the story of the brave Sultan of Mysore, who stood against the mighty British for his motherland.

Anchuthengu Fort- This fort was the first permanent trading post of the Malabar Coast, and this is a unique part of Kerala. It was built as a front for the public relations with various ruling states of South-East Asia.

Krishnapuram Palace- This palace was built by the Maharaja of Travancore. It is an outstanding example of the Architecture of Kerala. The palace contains a unique collection of Mural paintings.

Bekal Fort- The fort is an excellent example of 17th-century architecture and was captured by Hyder Ali later. It is the largest and the best-preserved fort in the state of Kerala and very famous among the tourists.

There are many more forts and historical buildings that the tourists can visit to review the rich cultural history of Southern India, Traders and British. Thalasseri Fort is an excellent example of British architecture and engineering, and it included secret tunnels and underground chambers.

The historical aspect, albeit a large one, is very small when it is compared to all that Kerala has to offer in totality. The most beautiful and attractive places that the tourists can visit other than the historical spots include:

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary- The sanctuary is in the Thekkady district, and it is known for its wild elephants. It is the sanctuary which offers you long elephant rides as well as boat rides. It is also the only sanctuary which is open throughout the year.

Kerala Backwaters- This is the best experience that one can have in Kerala. Staying in the boathouse, you wake up in a house that is on water. You are rocked to sleep, and you wake up to a sun rising from the waters, it is an experience which is very difficult to match.

Marari Beach- This beach is some 30 minutes north of Alleppey, and it is a fishing village which offers accommodation on a beach which is very less crowded and very neatly kept by the locals.

Along with these famous stops, there are other locations like Jatayupara Earth Centre, Trivandrum, Kannur, Kovalam, Wayanad etc. 

There are a lot of underrated locations as well in Kerala if you are the adventurous and the exploring type. The unique sites involve:

Kolukkumalai Estate, Idukki- This the world’s highest tea estate with a production factory which has been there since the 1900s. Apart from the tea estate, there is also a waterfall which is accessible via a jeep ride or by trekking.

Edakkal Caves, Wayanad- The caves can be claimed to be older than written history with the rocks dating back to 6000 B.C to 8000 B.C.

Kappil Beach, Varkala– This is one of the most unexplored regions of Kerala along with being one of the most beautiful. The scene offers beach on one side and backwaters dotted with coconut trees on the other. There are fewer tourists to be found on the long stretch of beach.

Apart from these locations, Periyar region is also for adventurous people with Vagamon and Soochipara waterfalls being the less-visited regions of Kerala, there is a lot of fun and adventure to be had in this State.

Apart from all these locations to visit, things that you should always keep in mind before visiting Kerala are as follows:

  • There is strict dress code to be followed in many temples, and along with that, the rules at various religious places are tight, and you should always follow those.
  • Nudity at beaches is not allowed in the state of Kerala.
  • Smoking in public places is a criminal offence and will be punished.
  • Carrying any class of narcotic drugs without a valid prescription is a felony. It will be punished with fine or Jail time or both.
  • There is no issue regarding money or card being accepted. Payment wallets and UPI platforms are mostly accepted in the urban regions.
  • The best clothes to carry are the ones which are light and bright, i.e. ideal for summers.

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